SFD100D10 Digital phase shifter 360 degree 100 Mhz

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The SFD100D10 is an 8-bit digitally controlled switch bit line phase shifter that operates at 100 MHz±10% band. It has low flat loss, a phase shift range from 0 deg to 360 deg and switching speed of 500 nsec Typical. The device has an 8-bit TTL control bus that allows 256 discrete values of phase values with LSB less significant bit of 1.4 degrees. Delay networks or delay lines are switched in and out of the RF path line based on the 8 bit parallel word command sent to the control-bus of the device. The phase can be adjusted as accurate as the LSB least significant bit. For an 8-bit resolution device which has 256 states the phase accuracy is 1.4 degrees. These devices are bidirectional which means that, the input and output are interchangeable. Supply voltages are +5 Vdc and -5 Vdc. Control lines are 8-bits TTL compatible. In and Out connectors are SMA Female and the DC-Control port is a 15 pin DB-15-Male.

Data Sheet: View PDF file for Dimensions and Specifications.

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